All countries have banned their incoming international flights due to the Omicron virus running around the world, due to which it has been reported from Saudi Arabia that direct flights coming from India and other countries which are currently in progress with the idea of ​​banning.

Some news coming from the desk of the Saudi Arabian officials that they are soon in the mood to break the connection of flights from India and other countries due to the Omicron virus and soon they will be officially announced globally about this flight ban news.

Due to the Omicron virus, many countries have banned their incoming international travel and some countries have implemented the process of lockdown tp prevent their people from the virus.

The omicron virus was first found in South Africa, due to which it is slowly spreading to almost every country in the whole world, giving the possibility of a third wave of coronavirus.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has started international flights for the people working in their country, in which they will have to get covid-19 test done from their depatrture airport and will also have to do an rt-pcr test even after coming to Saudi Arabia and 5 days quarantine only, then one can enter Saudi Arabia.

After hearing of the direct international flights, many people who were living in India and working in Saudi, there was a wave of happiness, some people have even reached in which he is in 5 days quarantine and some have got their tickets to go.


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