This news is very big for the travelers who have a wish to travel Dubai, we will tell you how you can travel to Dubai for free.

There are many ways to do free trip in Dubai, just you should know that how you can visit Dubai for free, here are some facts with that you can travel Dubai for free.

There are many people who just go to Dubai for shopping and bring a lot of shopping from there, let's say that Dubai is a very good country in terms of shopping, many Indians go to Dubai for shopping.

Many expensive brands like Armani, Gucci that are available here at a good price, you will get to see in Dubai for very heavy discount, also tell that if you take that thing from India and take it from Dubai, then the difference in it is so much that your travel cost And the cost of the trip becomes free.

Dubai is a huge market for electronics, if you take an LCD-TV from there and you take the same LCD in India, then it makes a lot of difference, you can also free your travel like this if something is worth ₹ 200000 in Dubai. If it is then you will get at least ₹ 300000 in India.

Recently there were many tourists who went to Dubai only to get the i-Phone, let's say that due to the low tax, the i-Phone was getting cheaper from 40000 to ₹ 50000 in Dubai, so you can travel to Dubai for free.

Many showrooms owners whose showroom is in India, they order goods from Dubai, in which they give free tickets to their employees to stay there free and roam free.

You must know that Dubai is a country where a lot can be achieved if you work hard, if you know any work, then you go to Dubai with a 3-month visa, roam there and do any work. In this way you can also make your travel free and earn good money.


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  1. You know it is not FREE if you have to work for it!


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