Tourism operators have written an open letter to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and other government officials, calling for the country to fully reopen to foreign visitors from March as due to coronavirus pendamic country's tourism hitted badly.

The operator groups say they want all entry restrictions lifted, including Thailand pass and PCR tests on arrival, and want the Covid to be declared endemic. They point to several other countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK, where almost all coronavirus restrictions have been revoked and the virus declared endemic.

It added that Thailand now needs to further relax coronavirus restrictions for tourists, otherwise it may lose its ability to compete with other countries.

It is seen that April is an important month for tourism, as Easter is a popular time to travel for foreigners and many people come to Thailand.

Tourism operators cited the low number of infections detected during PCR tests on foreign arrival. Using data from Phuket between February 1 and February 13, the letter said the infection rate among foreign arrivals was 2% on the first day and 3% on the 5th day.

On other hand, Thai Hotels Association says the government should remove the need for PCR testing for foreign visitors if there is any hope of reviving the country's tourism industry.

In response to public request for the easing of restrictions, Thailand's public health minister says the country needs to balance economic recovery to protect public health.


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