The Indonesin Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno said that International tourists from India will be able to visit Bali from June 2021 as they have started a travel corridor program for the upliftment of their economy which is badly effected due to the emid of Novel Coronavirus.

It is being come into the knowledge that there is a meet between the Tourism Minister of both countries to open the tourism between both of the countries ie; India and Bali, they have firstly plans to open a direct flight connection from Mumbai to Denpasar. 

Sandiaga Uno have stated that India is big source of Tourism for Indonesia as many of the Indians have visited on vacations. He also added that Indonesian Tourism Ministry also implement the strict health protocals at famous tourism spots as precautions against coronavirus. The Travelling Program for Bali will opened for other countries also who have managed their Vaccination Program in a mannered way, and for those Countries who are capable to manage the spread of Covid-19.

The Governement of Bali may also allow Chartered Flight for travellers from the overseas. That also helps in booming the Toursim of Bali

Sunur and Nusa Dua are the main holiday spots of Bali, the Tourism Ministry of Bali have firstly decided to open these spots for travellers with the fully loaded preparations for upcoming guests. Governemnt have also confirmed that before the arrival of Foreign Tourist we will complete the process of Vaccination for near about 2.5 millions of residents in Bali

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