Firstly, one must have checked that the AVAILABILITY OF FLIGHT from origin to their destination because availability in a carrier is very prime to be there.

After that go through GOOGLE search for BOOKING because GOOGLE have shown the BEST FAIR throughout there and showed many booking sites which shows competitive fares, then check the best fares after that confirm the booking.

While booking to flights CORRECT NAME FORMAT is very necessary for booking because airlines do not allow passenger with name mismatch, for this one have to check the NAME FORMAT standards on the airline websites.

On the other hand for international travelers, it is very important to mention the correct name as all airlines have their own NAME FORMAT STANDARDS, if the booking is done with the wrong name airline won't allow to travel and may OFFLOAD the PASSENGERS.

For  INTERNATIONAL BOOKING one must have to check the validity of PASSPORT because passenger having a short expiry of the passport may not allow to travel or may OFFLOAD the passenger as per the rules of DGCA

Carrying an ORIGINAL IDENTITY/PASSPORT is very necessary to Onboarding a flight because airlines do not allow passengers without having the ORIGINAL IDENTITIES with them.

If the age of passenger is below 12 years and they traveled alone they are treated as UNACCOMPANIED MINORS, some airlines may charge on their traveling.

If someone has INFANT (below 2 years) with them it is very necessary to carry their IDENTITY such as BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued from the hospital, without that airline do not allow to ON BOARD.

Nowadays, carrying SANITIZERS AND MASKS is also mandatory due to the pandemic of COVID 19 as many passengers for not wearing masks was OFFLOAD by the airlines and the government of DELHI advised DGCA to OFFLOAD the passengers who do wear a MASK.

Many of the states like Maharastra Kerala Chhatisgarh need a negative RT PCR Report to check-in. So, kindly check the STATE GUIDELINES before booking.

Symptomatic passengers avoid traveling as if they found positive in RT-PCR test then they have to go through quarantine at their own expense.


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