As after the boom in cases of Novel Coronavirus IRCTC suspended Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express from today April 2, 2021 for one month. Tejas is the leading fastest train of India.

Official of IRCTC stated in his statement that "Temporary suspension of ADI-BCT-ADI Tejas Express due to recent Covid-19 rising cases. Keeping in view the rising cases and in the larger public interest, it has been decided to suspend the services of train no.82902/82901 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Tejas Express from April 2 for a period of one month"

“IRCTC is committed in its endeavor to ensure the highest standard of the safe and comfortable journey of rail passengers,”

Recently before that IRCTC has resumes the Tejas Express Ahmedabad-Mumbai and Lucknow-New Delhi from 14 Feburary 2021. Which was cancelled by the Officials due to the rise in cases of Novel Coronavirus.

The reports are said that it takes near about 2 months for Railway to restore its rail services to pre-covid level, after having a meeting with state governments to give their suggestions on restaring of rail services


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