As the cases of Novel Coronavirus again increases very rapidly in India as a result tourists for Kerala have stopped to coming in. This can lead to similar situation like lockdown last year, says by boat drivers at Kerala.

In Kochi, the tourism industry was in revival path after lockdown, but now another crisis started again due to the second wave of coronavirus. Many of the tourists avoid travelling to the tourism location in the condition of fearing of the another lockdown likely to imposed in future.

In a conversation, one boat owner says, "After unlock, industry picked up the pace but now again tourists are not coming as cases are increasing. We are returning to the situation that existed during the lockdown"

Some people have a fear that Govt is likely to impose a anothe lockdown while some have a fear that Government can strict the rules of travelling from one state to another.

One taxi driver said, "People stopped coming here after the government imposed restrictions like mandatory quarantine. We are receiving only 10 per cent of the bookings we received before the imposition of the lockdown last year,"

Kerala Police has also breifed by the Government that people use masks in public place and also check that all the people in crowdy areas strictly maintain the social distancing.

Kerala has reported 2,130 new Covid-19 cases, 2,205 recoveries and 18 deaths in the last 24 hours, the Union Health Ministry informed on Saturday.


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