Covid-19 has reached the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The information was shared by a Norwegian climber himself who tested positive for coronavirus. After being found him positive break, he was immediately evacuated with helicopter. After that he was shifted to a hospital in Kathmandu.

Erlend Ness told after found positive in a Facebook feed, "My diagnosis is Covid-19. I'm doing ok now... The hospital is taking care (of me)."

Norwegian news agency reported that along with him, a sherpa in his party too tested positive. Ness told the news agency, "I really hope that none of the others get infected with corona high up in the mountains. It is impossible to evacuate people with a helicopter when they're above 8,000 metres."

Climber further added "The plan was to get fast high up in the mountains to make sure that we wouldn't get infected... I've been unlucky and I could have done more by myself when it comes to sanitary precautions."

Nepal was already facing badly in terms of economy due to coronavirus surge as tourism a major source of income for Nepal, the news comes as a blast. To ease the crowding, the tourism ministry has said that they will restrict the number of people who can summit the mountain per window of suitable weather. As of now, Nepal issued 377 permits to climb Everest for climbers of various countries.


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