Nepal is now became the third South Asian country after India and Afghanistan to permit international flights to use the Nepali Sky to provide internet and telecom services for their passengers.

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal took the decision after the meeting held in March 2021.

As per the decision, company will provide the services to the passengers can use the signals above 10,000 feet from the ground. 

The Airlines who receiving permission from International Civil Aviation Organisation wuold be grant permission to use the internet and phone calls above the height of 10,000 feet from the ground.

Spokeperson of Nepal Telecommunication Authorities (NTA) Sandosh Poudel said "Granting permission to use below 10,000 feet can lead to disturbance in the services on the ground that's why we permitted airlines to use these services above 10,000 feets."

To use these services airlines have to apply at NTA. Now three Interntional Airlines carriers have applied at NTA for the services in Nepali Sky.

Last year in March, Indian Government permitted airlines operating in India t,o provide In-Flight Wi-Fi services to the travellers. And Air Vistara was th first airline in India to provide this service during the journey.


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