Recently Air France launched the Self Bag Drop (SBD) facility for flight operations from Bengaluru. This facility is inaugurated by the Bengaluru International Airport. 

Self Bag Drop is a newly invented self-service bag-drop system that enables airports to automate their easy check-in process.

Bengaluru International Airport is the first in India to invent a large chain of fully automated self-bag-drop units and on other hand Air France is the first international airline operating from India to offer this facility to their passengers.

This process comes in two steps, Firstly passenger will print a boarding pass and a bag tag at a self-check-in kiosk. after this, the passenger will go to the bag drop machine, scan the boarding pass to start the bag drop process.

The bag will be weighed, measured, scanned, and automatically put into the baggage handling process. If found excess baggage, the passenger will be advised to complete the due amount. Passengers need not wait for a long time, less than 60 seconds. This is the actual time taken to complete the baggage check-in process.

Air France along with Bengaluru International Airport is starting the innovative technology to automate the conventional check-in process and improve the customer experience at the airport during their journey.


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