Thailand is the latest country who close entry of Indian travellers as the Covid-19 situation in India has gone out of control. Thai Embassy in New Delhi announced that from Saturday onwards, the travellers from India will not be permitted to enter into Thailand till further information, except Thai citizens who wants to go their homes.

Thai Embassy has took the decision that they will not issue any COE or Certificates of Entry to non-Thai nationals from now. For entry into Thailand for international tourists requires a COE, as per the country’s norms. The measure is only temporary, as Covid cases in India hits the country badly. Each day is a new records as far as covid cases and deaths.

As per new rule, COEs that have been issued to non-Thai nationals for entry into Thailand from India having arrive dates after May 1, 2021 will be cancelled till further notification.

However as per Officials of Thai Embassy, 3 flights from New Delhi will be allowed to land in Thailand next month. The dates for landing are May 1, 15, and 22. These flights are being arranged to repatriate Thai citizens from India.

Previously there is the announcement that Thailand will soon opens for Indian but as the surge of Coronavirus not stops here and cases and deaths break its records to highest day by day, So Thai Embassy puts that restriction on Indian travellers.

Thailand is always the first choice destination for Indian tourists to vistit, and as per records, 602 Indian citizens arrived in Thailand in the month of April 2021.


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