Airlines company including Delta, American and United have resumed flights to Israel after the cease-fire between the Israel and Hamas.

Since from many years there is a violence between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that has long protested the Israelis’ occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, woked up earlier this month to include rocket attacks at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

The several airlines have suspended the flight operations.

But the negotiated cease-fire has stopped the violence between both countries. Delta, United and American Airlines stated on Friday they are resuming the flights to Tel Aviv.

Delta flew from New York to Tel Aviv on Friday night, with a return trip happening on Sunday. The airline's spokesman Morgan Durrant said it will "closely monitor the security situation and will make adjustments to our flight schedules as necessary,".

United Airines also resumed service to Israel from Friday night, with a flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Tel Aviv. A spokeswoman said the airline plans to also resume flights from Chicago and San Francisco by the weekend. Airline company restricted flights from all three cities to Israel since May 12, 2021.

American Airlines also commented that it will starts its operations from New York - Tel Aviv from Monday onwards.


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