In a study about novel coronavirus it is found that the virus is transmitted from one to another on international flights, in hotel premises and in houses as there precaution rate is very low followed by the people, found by New Zealand researchers in study.

Nine people who infected during their flight journey says that while taking the many precautionary measures they got infected with the coronavirus.

One of those infected had remain in quarantine for 14 days after being evacuated on a chartered 747 aircraft from India to New Zealand last August and had tested negative twice.

Others appear to have become infected on the flight, even though only 66 percent passengers were allowed in the full capacity and passengers were seated far from one another. All passengers were required to wear face masks during the complete flight.

All the passengers were quarantined in a hotel, in rooms with balconies and private bathrooms. But two more got infected in the hotel, researchers said.

CCTV footage shows one of the people infected on the flight and two people infected in the hotel were never in direct contact and were not even outside their rooms at the same time, the researchers said.

Finally researchers finally said, "Nevertheless, footage showed that during routine testing on day 12, which took place within the doorway of the hotel rooms, there was a 50-second window between closing the door to the room of case-patient C and opening the door to the room of case-patients D and E. Therefore, we hypothesized that suspended aerosol particles were the probable mode of transmission in this instance, and that the enclosed and unventilated space in the hotel corridor probably facilitated this event,"


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