Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has extended the restrictions on scheduled International Flights till May 31, 2021. DGCA issued this advisory via twitter and either this DGCA also mentioned the following:

"However, international scheduled flights may be allowed on selected routes by the competent authority on a case to case basis. Though this ban will not be applicable to international all-cargo operations and flights approved by the aviation regulator,"

Last year in March 2020, all scheduled flights were suspended due to Novel Coronavirus and till that only some flights were moving with limited passengers, some flights were permissible to work under VANDE BHARAT MISSION to bring back respirants outside India. And also Bubble Agreements were made between some countries for evaculation process of Indian nationals.

All the things were on the recovery mode this year, but the new variant of coronavirus hits India badly and due to this many of the countries ban to and from flights from India. DGCA also bans the schedules international to and from flights from India till May 31, 2021.


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