UAE Ambassador, Dr. Ahmed Al Banna to India said that the UAE govt would lift the travel restriction from India after June 14, 2021 with some restrictions bound on the arrival travellers.

Dr. Ahmed added that the decision on travel restriction would depend on the prevailing Covid-19 situation in India and its government’s bid to get a handle over this pendamic situation.

He also said that the relation between India and UAE have come up stronger till the covid-19 pandemic.

UAE government has announced the travel ban for 10 days starting from April 24, 2021 but the officials keep extended the same for somehow long. Now the suspension has extended till June 14, 2021 to travel between both countries.

Who allowed to Travel UAE ?

1) Nationals, diplomatic delegations, official delegations, and businessmen are are exempted from this restriction and are allowed to travel between UAE and India.

2) Also, the passengers arriving from India through other countries are required to show the proof of a period of stay of 14 days in that particula country to be allowed to enter the UAE.

Dubai Health Authorities also announced that starting from 22nd April 2021, all travellers arriving from India to UAE will be required to take a Negative certificate of RT-PCR test not older then 48 hrs before departure and all tests must be approved through ICMR and also carrying a QR code on it.


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