Indonesia one of the most popular holiday destination in the world. Beaches and greenery of Indonesia attracts the tourists globally to visit there. As to prevent themselves from the second variant of coronavirus country bans the travellers arriving from India or stayed in India in last 14 days before arrival.

India is facing with the deadly wave of coronavirus worstly, and Indonesia took this step after a chartered flight arrived from Chennai (India) had 12 passengers tested positive for Covid-19.

Only the Indonesian nationals arriving from India will be allowed to enter only with the mandatory quarantine decided by the Country's Health Association.

Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, commented, "Based on these observations, the government has decided to stop issuing visas for foreigners who have lived or visited India in the past 14 days."

Restriction will starts from May 5, 11:59 pm and will be take place till further notification.


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