The Yogi Adityanath government may today announce an extension or relief in the Corona curfew in UP. In a meeting with Team 9 ministers, it will be decided whether to continue the Corona curfew even after May 31 or to give some relaxation to the state.

According to sources, the Yogi government is going to partially relax the Corona curfew from June 1, given the better recovery rate of Covid-19. Restrictions will be lifted from 7am in the morning to 8 in the districts with relatively less infection as compared to another districts.

Curfew will be continued from 8pm in the night to 7am in the morning. There is currently no idea of ​​providing relief in districts with more active cases. There are five or six such districts.

Restaurants will be opened

The state government does not want to unlock everything all of a sudden. It is important to be cautious about black fungal infections with corona's second strain. This will allow relaxation of activities in different phases. 

The government believes that the infection in the state has been controlled to a large extent due to Corona curfew. Government will allow to open clothes shop, wedding dress shop, construction material shop, big shop or restaurant with 50% personnel capacity.

Industry and shops can get relief

The Corona curfew was discussed prominently in the Team-9 meeting on Saturday, with an agreement to give relief to industry, shops and markets from June 1. During the discussion in the meeting, senior officials have been asked to prepare a complete outline of the unlock. Its scope will be gradually increased by giving relaxation on priority basis. 

The influence of covid-19 in the state has started decreasing rapidly. After the recovery rate also reaches 97 percent, the government is in a mood to give relief to the public.

There will be a restriction on these

At present, the ban on these continues - all shops, shopping malls, movie theaters, salons and all kinds of social, religious and political programs in the containment zone will be banned.


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