Tourism Ministry in Singapore again announced the strict protocals for tourism sector as the cases of Coronavirus again found increasing, so as to break the chain of transmission Ministry decided to put restrictions on tourism which is applicable till May 13, 2021.

In hotels the advisory is issued that in a room only two guests are allowed to stay, but if the members is from same family then they may be allowed to stay in room. All dinning areas in a hotel is still ban till furter notice.

Tourism officials has also announced that there would be an extension in tickets' validity for tourist attractions and tours, booking operators will reach out to those who have already bought tickets. 

A cap of 25 percent of the capacity has been set for attractions places and cruises. Restrictions are also applied in all indoor and outdoor shows.

New variant affecting children

In the several restrictions, Ministry also puts restrictions on the schools as the new variant quick effect on younger childrens.

It is found that several children had contracted the Covid-19 infection, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing, while noting that none had developed advanced symptoms, added, "This is an area of concern for all of us...The sharp rise in the number of community cases today requires us to significantly reduce our movements and interactions in the coming days. We are watching this very closely because we do not think it is a random thing that just happened in one day or so."


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