As the second wave of coronavirus hits India badly, Railway also done some modification in to break the chain of infecation.

Indian Railways has announced some of the change in rules while travelling from one state to another, if some one has to go with train then there are some rules which have to be kept in mind while travelling to avoid himself from penalty.

As per Railways fresh guidelines, all passengers are required to wear a mask all the time while travelling violating for this rule may charge a penalty of INR 500, in addition to this passengers must have to carry his own sanitizer and if some one found spitting inside premises will also be fined.

As of now, cooked food will not be allowed to serve inside the railways, only packed items will be allowed like buscuits, snacks etc.

Statewise Travelling Rules By Indian Railways:


A test against covid-19 on arrival can be opted by travellers, or else you must carry a negative RT-PCR test report for travelling to state.


Those who are arriving from the Maharashtra are required to show a COVID-19 negative report, and every passenger must be under home quarantine for a period of 14 days.

Himachal Pradesh

All passengers from Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are required to carry an RT-PCR negative report. Not older then 72 hours of travelling.

Jammu & Kashmir

All passengers arriving by train must have negative RT-PCR report.


All travellers are required to carry RT-PCR test reports, and on the other hand travellers can also opt for a test at the stations by the state medical officials. And all must be under home quarantine for 14 days.


Train passes will be handed to government personnel on the basis of their government identity card. Medical professionals too will get train passes, and this includes lab technicians. Anybody booking long-distance trains will be stamped on the hand indicating 14 days of quarantine, at any station where they alight. Thermal screening will also be done at the stations, and also inside the trains. Those travelling in outstation trains cannot travel in local trains.

Uttar Pradesh

Those who are coming in from Maharashtra and Kerala are now required to carry an negative RT-PCR report 72 hours before travel. after that, 14 days of home quarantine is a must.


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