In a view to prevent their citizen from covid-19 transmission, Singapore announced a restriction on travellers arriving from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal amid covid surge. These three countries are facing the high-risk of covid-19 and highly infectious virus are seen in these countries.

Previously, passengers with travel history to these countries in the past 14 days of their departure to Singapore were only required to go for 14 days quarantine at govt aided institutions. Singapore has also revised its rules for passengers with travel history to Thailand, and travellers will be served with 14-day stay at home notices if they have been to Thailand over the past 14 days.

The restriction is made on those who have a travel history of 14 days in the above countries.

Singapore also announced several protocals to break the chain of infection, like the restaurants are also offering the take away services, mall are partly closed, all gatherring events are ban to operate.


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