In a view to restarts the tourism sector, UK will decided to resumes the tourism by May 17, 2021. These places include Portugal, Israel, Iceland, the Faroes, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand and Australia, together with the British territories of Gibraltar and the Falklands.

Britain will soon allow to open leisure travel to only 12 countries and territories including Portugal as it wants to restart tourism while keeping full control over the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A ban on international trips will be revoked from May 17, the Department for Transport confirmed this. return journeys from approved countries will require Covid-19 tests but no period of quarantine while welcoming to UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to protect big gains after Britain suffered some of the highest global death rates earlier year in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis.

British Airways CEO Sean Doyle welcomed the UK plan and said extra flights to Portugal’s Algarve holiday coast had been added by the airlines.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. called the growth an important measure but said the government had been "overly cautious" and that there’s no reason the US shouldn’t be immediately added to the green list of the country.


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