Air India Express on Thursday shared a set of updated guidelines for those who wish to travel from India to the state of Qatar.

As per the guidelines shared by the airline, all passengers travelling from India to Doha, Qatar must follow the guidelines set by the State of Qatar.

Guidelines For Doha, Qatar

1) Guidelines For Doha, QatarSubmit a negative COVID-19 PCR test report (printed copy) at the Indian departure airport conducted within 48 hours from the scheduled time of arrival in Qatar (includes people already vaccinated or already infected). The COVID-19 PCR test must be a valid and certified medical test result from an ICMR recognized laboratory.

2) All passengers will have to download the Ehteraz smartphone application prior to arrival.

3) Submit pre-confirmed Hotel Quarantine Packages, Extraordinary Entry Permits, Undertaking and Heath Assessment Forms (printed copies) at the Indian departure airport from hotels listed on the Discover Qatar website.

4) Undergo a 10-day quarantine in a dedicated quarantine facility, or 14 days if the quarantine is in a mechanic facility, regardless of previous vaccination or immunity against COVID-19; Private quarantine is not allowed.

5) To undergo covid-19 PCR test again at Hotel Quarantine or Machines Facility within a day of arrival of flight. The test will be repeated on the 5th and 9th day. If the test is found negative on the 9th day, they should be discharged after the result is released 10 days.

6) Fully vaccinated passengers will carry a printed copy of their vaccination certificate.

7) Medical escorts will be allowed to board the aircraft but upon return to Qatar they will be subject to the condition set out in point number 5 above.

8) Government servants from various ministries and other government entities on official missions who are of 72 hours or less will be subject to the current protocols that are approved by the MoPH.

GCC citizens and under their individual sponsorship must have a mandatory pre-travel covid-19 PCR test result negative for 48 hours from their local health authority approved test centers to perform a COVID-19 test.

In the case of children accompanying their parents, where the parents had met all vaccination requirements, the children are still booked through Discover Qatar and staying with one of their parents Must undergo hotel quarantine for 7 days.

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