India may soon get its first e-highway on the Delhi-Mumbai highway. According to technical sources, the Road Ministry said that the first section of the e-highway will be completed by the middle of 2022.

Electric highways are considered an energy-efficient option to reduce carbon footprint. Reports say that the government is starting a pilot project to build electric highways in India.

The government is in talks with a Swedish firm for an electric highway on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Trucks and buses will be able to run at a speed of 120 kmph on the e-highway, which according to reports will reduce the logistics cost by 70 per cent.

According to sources, about 20 percent of the roads on the 200 km long Delhi-Jaipur highway will be electrified on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Separate lanes will be created to recharge the batteries of cargo trucks and other electric vehicles.

Modeled after electrified roads in Germany and Sweden, this 200-km stretch will be able to recharge the batteries of vehicles travelling on them. The move is being seen as a step to bring more focus to e-vehicles.

Although the project is still in its initial stages, according to reports, the discussion of building an electric highway was also delayed due to the second COVID-19 wave.


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