The Telangana government has decided to completely reopen the state amid a drop in the number of Covid-19 cases. The lockdown in the state ended on Saturday.

As per Chief Minister's Office (CMO), the decision to implement the total unlock was taken after the health department submitted a report stating that the coronavirus situation is under control.

CMO said in his statement, "The council of ministers has decided to lift the lockdown completely in the state. The cabinet has examined the reports submitted by the medical and health department officials that Covid cases and the positivity rate have drastically come down and the Covid-19 situation is under control,"

Further added, "The cabinet has sought people's support for its decision of lifting lockdown stating that the decision was taken to protect livelihoods and resume public life. The cabinet, however, requested the people not to be complacent or negligent and follow guidelines issued by the government,"

State government appealed to the people to adopt appropriate covid-19 protocals, including wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing and using sanitisers and other self-regulatory methods, till the "spread of coronavirus is stopped once for all".

The state cabinet has decided to reopen schools and other educational institutions for physical classes in Telangana from July 1, 2021.

CMO also stated in this concern, "The cabinet has instructed the education department to reopen all categories of educational institutions in the state from July 1 with full preparedness, and the students are allowed to attend the classes physically,"


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