The Air Bubble Agreement between India and Qatar has been extended till July 31, 2021. The Qatar Embassy recently made an announcement on this.

Air bubble agreement ended on 30 June, and several flights from India to Qatar were cancelled early in the morning, causing confusion among passengers. This prompted the Indian embassy to reassure passengers that flight services would be restored. Later, it sent out a tweet saying that the deal has been extended.

Indian Embassy tweeted, "The Air Bubble Arrangement between India and Qatar extended for July 2021. The flights have resumed under this arrangement. Thank Civil aviation authorities and airlines on both sides for their continued cooperation in providing the requisite air connectivity,"


Who can travel from India to Qatar ?

  1. Travellers having permanent residency.
  2. Residents coming to Doha holding an extraordinary return permit.
  3. Visitors with a personal travel visa issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  4. Citizens of India/Nepal/Bhutan destined for Qatar/Africa/South America only and holding a valid visa for the destination country.
  5. Qatari citizens, their spouses, their children.
  6. Companions/GCC citizens of Qatari nationals travelling on similar flights with their Qatari sponsor/GCC sponsor/first degree relative sponsor/sponsored by a Qatari owner of a private business in Qatar and with a valid Qatari residency permit.
  7. Companions of GCC nationals traveling to the State of Qatar will be granted immediate entry visa on arrival upon payment of the applicable visa fee (QAR 100).


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