Bali is getting tough on tourists violating coronavirus protocals. Recently, the island authorities boot-out foreign tourists for breaking the coronavirus rules. Indonesia is currently dealing with a high rate of infection, and covid-19 rules are in place for tourists as well as locals.

Bali sent three visitors from the United States, Russia and Ireland back to their home countries after they were found not wearing masks in public place.

The island of Bali now has a zero-tolerance policy, with officials issuing a statement saying three visitors have broken minimum virus rules that require everyone to wear face masks. In another incident, a Russian woman is also being deported because she tested positive, and refused to self-quarantine. Once virus-free, he must leave Bali.

Indonesia reported 40427 cases on yesterday, becoming one of the worst-affected countries in Southeast Asia. There have also been 891 deaths in the last 24 hours in the country. 

During such times, it is important that travellers follow the rules of the land and do not violate the coronavirus rules, as it can lead to a dangerous wave of infection and death.

Bali is heavily dependent on tourism, and has launched a vaccination scheme to be able to open up to tourism. Officials have made it clear that vaccination does not mean that social distancing and masks are unnecessary.


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