The Delhi Government has set new guidelines for domestic travellers. The guidelines have come at a time when the fear of a third wave is at its peak. For international passengers, the rules of the central government will be followed in the state.

The Delhi government's guidelines are aimed at those entering Delhi from other states, which have a positivity rate of more than 5%.

The plan is a color coded one, approved by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA). Divided into four levels, these color coded groups depend on bedding and oxygen occupancy, or the number of new cases, or the positivity rate.

The first level is yellow, the second is amber, the third is orange, while the fourth and highest level is red. The red level is more than five percent positivity, or 16000 new cases a week, or 3000 oxygen-bed occupancy. So there can be three situations for a domestic traveler in which he will face travel restrictions.

There will be a red level alert for passengers flying into Delhi from those states and union territories, which have a positivity rate or more than five percent. Those coming to Delhi by train, bus, air or road from states with more than 10 percent positivity rate will also be banned.

Restrictions will also apply for travellers who are entering Delhi from states or union territories that have a new Delta-Variant of the novel coronavirus.

Travellers falling in any of the above categories must show a certificate of fully vaccination, or a negative RT-PCR test that must be a not older then 72 hrs. Passengers who are unable to show any of these proofs will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine period at the payment center or govt aided institutions.


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