Travellers with UAE resident visa valid from 5 August 2021 can travel from India to United Arab Emirates.

The first flight to the United Arab Emirates after the second wave of the pandemic took off from Goa airport on Friday morning. Consequently, the UAE has also reopened its Air Bubble with India.

However, it is important to mention that not all passengers is allowed to travel on international flights between India and the United Arab Emirates due to coronavirus pendamic fear.

IndiGo took to Twitter to share its flight schedule from Delhi to Dubai this month. The airline informed its customers that only transit passengers from India and residents of UAE are allowed to travel to Dubai. IndiGo has announced three flights on the Delhi-Dubai route this month on August 9 and August 10.

They Are Allowed To Travel United Arab Emirates

The new travel guidelines highlight that Indians who have a resident visa and who have been fully vaccinated in the UAE at least 14 days before the flight are allowed to enter the UAE. will be given.

All travellers to the UAE will need the approval of either the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai or the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, UAE, prior to their travel.

The UAE has lifted the international flight ban for passengers from six countries - India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Uganda.


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