The Ministry of Tourism has asked all Union Territories and States to lift restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers.

This is the second time the ministry has written to states to do away with the requirement of RT-PCR negative certificates for fully vaccinated passengers at entry points.

According to the ministry, fully vaccinated passengers should be allowed to proceed to their destination without any hassle on production of their valid final vaccination certificate.

The ministry has sent an official letter to the tourism secretaries of all union territories and states. It has urged the officials to take immediate measures in consultation with the departments concerned at the state level to relax restrictions on movement of fully vaccinated passengers and require production of RT-PCR negative certificates for such passengers.

It is important for them to take confidence building measures to revive tourism activities in those respective areas. It said that as the country has managed to cross the desired vaccination limit of 50 crores, all sectors need to consider how to facilitate travel for the people.

The Union Health Ministry has also categorically stated that no direction was issued from the ministry at any point of time during the pandemic to use RT-PCR certificates for permission to travel across India.


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