Canada has resumed direct flight service to Delhi and will resume flights from India to Canada on and after September 21, 2021, after a four-month-long suspension due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Air Canada said on Twitter that it is resuming flights to Delhi. "Yes, the route is restarting," Air Canada replied to a Twitter user.

Air Canada has resumed its direct flight operations with India from September 20, 2021, the airline has resumed flights to Delhi and flights from India to Canada on September 21, 2021. Air Canada has scheduled AC42 and AC43 on the Toronto-Delhi route to operate with Boeing 787-9 aircraft on all 7 days of the week.

Travel Requirements From India To Canada

Air Canada's requirements for flying from India to Canada have now changed. The only approved COVID-19 test is an RT-PCR test or a rapid PCR test that must be taken no more than 18 hours before your Air Canada flight departs for the COVID-19 testing center and lounge at Indira's Terminal 3, Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Air Canada requires one of these specific tests as no other test will be accepted from any other clinic within India, even if you are connecting from a different city.

You may also be able to travel if you provide proof of a certified positive PCR test result taken between 14 and 180 days before your scheduled departure flight to Canada.


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