National Health Authority of India's chief Dr. RS Sharma said on Saturday that those who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus and wish to travel abroad will have a cow vaccination certificate with their date of birth.

Sharma further said that the date will follow the format "YYYY-MM-DD" (Year-Month-Day) and will be as per WHO standards for international travellers. At present, the certificate only mentions the age of the beneficiary.

Dr. Sharma also said that every person traveling abroad can update their vaccination certificate on COIN by entering their date of birth as per their passport and download the certificate again.

Dr Sharma added, "Currently we collected only the year of birth which is reflected as the age of a person in the certificate."

Reason behind changing this Guideline

The United Kingdom on 22 September issued its new travel guidelines to include the Indian-made version of the AstraZeneca vaccine in its updated list of approved COVID-19 vaccines.

Covishield's recognition comes after strong criticism of the UK's initial refusal to recognize the vaccine.


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