Saudi Arabia has decided to allow travellers from United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Africa and Argentina with effect from September 08, 2021.

The Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that it had decided to lift the suspension of entry into the kingdom from these countries via land, sea and airports, which would also allow Saudi citizens to enter these countries.

The decision comes on the basis of reports submitted by the competent health authorities regarding the stable coronavirus pandemic situation in these countries.

According to the source, in accordance with the development of the epidemiological situation in the world, all procedures and measures are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent health authorities in the state.

List Of Ban Countries By Saudi Arabia

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Indonesia
  4. Egypt
  5. Turkey
  6. Brazil
  7. Ethiopia
  8. Vietnam
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Lebanon
It is to be noted that on 24 August 2021, the ministry had issued directions to allow direct entry of fully vaccinated migrants from countries facing travel restrictions.

The decision only applies to foreigners who have a valid residence permit (iqama) and have left the kingdom on exit and re-entry visas after taking two doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus from Saudi Arabia.

Authorities previously allowed direct entry to Saudi citizens, as well as foreign diplomats, health practitioners and their families from countries facing travel restrictions.


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