Saudi Arabia announced a 48-hour home quarantine is mandatory for people who have not completed the administration of any Saudi-approved vaccine against the coronavirus upon arrival.

Home quarantine will be enforced upon arrival of any group excluded from institutional quarantine who have not received any approved vaccine doses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance with the following:

  1. An examination is conducted within 48 hours of arrival in the Kingdom by one of the means approved by the Ministry of Health, proving that there is no infection with COVID-19 and ending the quarantine period with the issuance of a negative test result it occurs.
  2. Individuals below the age of eight is excluded from the examination requirement, and the period of home quarantine for him ends 48 hours after his arrival in the state.
  3. Penalties prescribed for violation of quarantine instructions shall be applicable for contravention of any of the provisions in paragraphs 1 and 2 mentioned above.

The source stressed on the need for everyone to follow precautionary and preventive measures, and not to be lax in enforcing the health requirements.

News informed that all precautionary and preventive measures for travel are subject to continuous evaluation by the Public Health Authority (Weqaya), as per the evolving epidemiological situation.


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