United States of America has issued new travel guidelines, and according to it, all travel restrictions are to be lifted on incoming travellers who are non-citizens, non-immigrants. The latest travel update will be valid from November 8.

The latest travel rules from the Biden administration suggest such travelers must be fully vaccinated, and will be required to show proof of vaccination before boarding.

In addition, travellers who have not been vaccinated, both citizens and non-citizens, are required to get tested a day before entering the country. In addition, it should be noted that foreign nationals who are unvaccinated can enter the US under limited circumstances.

Senior administration official stated, "Under this new international air travel system, foreign nationals will need to be fully vaccinated, in order to fly to the United States. The new system also includes enhanced testing requirements, strengthened contact tracing, as well as masking. These are strict safety protocols that follow the science and public health to enhance the safety of Americans here at home, and the safety of international air travel"

Airlines must match the name and date of birth of the passengers to confirm that he is the same person as shown in the vaccination certificate.

Also, it is the job of the airline to ensure that the certificate is from an authentic official source in the issuing country where the vaccine was administered. More importantly, the vaccinated traveler must meet the CDC's definition of thorough immunization, hence the vaccine product, number of vaccines received, date of administration, site of vaccination will be checked.


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