After being closed for 14 days, the Pune airport is finally open for operations with 100% capacity. Travelers who want to travel to Pune can now take direct flights to the city.

In these last 14 days, passengers going to Pune had to either fly to Mumbai or take a train to Pune.

The airport was closed from 16 October to 29 October, and all scheduled flights were suspended during this period. Military Engineering Services (MES) said in a statement that MES has completed the reconstruction of the runway at the airport in 14 days. This kind of work usually takes about 28-35 days.

The resurfacing of the runway was to take place from April-May 2021, however it was postponed to October. The airport is now open for all scheduled flights, and you can book your tickets to the city.

The Pune airport is being operated from the Indian Air Force Station in Lohegaon, and the city is now preparing to inaugurate a new international airport at Purandar.


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