Haj applications have been started again in India for Haj 2022 after the number of corona patients is reduced, But there are reports that this time Indians will be able to perform Haj.

But according to an information from WHO, news is coming that due to the high number of corona patients in India, Indians will not be able to perform Haj this time too.

Hajj is of great importance in the Muslim society, and it has been put on hold since 2020 because all the flights were switched off in India from March 2020 because of the high number of cases of corona virus and because of that many restrictions on movement.

As there is a complete lockdown in March 2020, the number of coronavirus patients was very less, but in April 2021, India had become a country with the highest number of corona patients in the whole world.

Tourism has opened up to a great extent after the decline in the number of patients, but there are still some places where some precautions are being told for tourism and corona vaccination and negative RT-PCR report is being sought.

Recently, Saudi Arabia Sultanate has announced that Haj will be done in 2022, but according to the number of corona patients and figures are coming out and recently the number of corona patients in China has increased significantly. So, WHO says that if the situation is better than before, then Indians or other countries will be able to perform Haj, otherwise this time also Haj will be banned so that the disease can be saved from spreading.

Ever since the news of application of Haj has been reported in India, there is a wave of happiness in the Muslim society, but it will hurt them a little that this time also they may not be able to perform Haj.

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