As after seeing an increase in the cases of coronavirus, Germany will not open later this year on Christmas, as COVID-19 appears to have gripped parts of Europe.

Prime Minister Marcus Söder said the situation is very, very serious and complex. Nuremberg is in the Bavaria region of Germany.

The decision has been taken because such Christmas markets are crowded, and it is a place where there can be many people-to-people contacts. This is a situation where the authorities will find it difficult to monitor the health status of individual visitors.

Bavaria has taken a step to go on a real lockdown of its illiterate residents. It has been decided that all public places such as cinemas, and restaurants, will be open only to those who have undergone double vaccination. The Prime Minister has also said that unvaccinated people need to limit their contacts to five people from two households.

Germany says the country is heading towards a health emergency after 65,371 new cases were reported in a single day earlier this week.

Christmas is certainly the most anticipated holiday in the European world, and Christmas markets attract many visitors and locals. A European Christmas is certainly a dream come true for most travel-enthusiasts. However, this time around, things could be very different if the uptrend continues.


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