Spreading all over the world, Omicron virus has made its place in almost every country, due to which the movement of all people may be banned soon and all countries have issued guidelines so that viruses can not spread more.

News coming from government sources that soon all international flights will be stopped in India and the process of lockdown will be issued in the more affected areas, recently almost all the states have issued guidelines on their arrival.

Due to the lockdown in the first wave of corona virus in India, the spread of infection was saved to a great extent, but due to not being very holy in the second wave, the infection spread very fast and many people lost their lives.

It has been learned from the sources that all flights will be stopped in a few days as the process of infection accelerates due to movement and the chances of spreading the infection are high.

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Mumbai and Karnataka have issued guidelines for all their incoming inetrnational passengers, under which all passengers will have to undergo a rapid test on arrival and have a home quarantine for 7 days, which will greatly reduce the chances of spreading the infection.

Recently, 7 infection of omicron virus has been found in Mumbai, who came from somewhere abroad and 3 passengers coming from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh who have a travel history of abroad have also been found to have this infection and they have been found positive.

In view of all this condolences, sources of the Government of India have informed that international flights will soon be banned and the situation of lockdown may also arise in the more affected areas because the government will not be careless like the second wave.


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