In view of the recent Omicron virus, Nigeria has completely banned international flights coming from Saudi Arabia, Canada, Argentina and Britain from Tuesday onwards, Nigeria has put these four countries in its "red list" and cancelled all trips from these countries.

Nigerian government has banned all international flights from these countries because there is an increase in the growth of Omicron virus and to protect its countrymen from this virus, the government of Nigeria has banned these all.

A system of lockdown has also been implemented in the areas of Nigeria, which will prevent the spread of infection.

The Nigeria Aviation Ministry has also said that there is a ban on incoming passengers flights only but all international cargo flights which carryng essentials will continue as before.

Aviation Minister said in his statement, "I participated in a meeting with the Covid-19 task force, and we gave our input that it is not acceptable to us and we recommended that Canada, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Argentina be put on the “red list”. As they did to us, if they do not allow our citizens into their countries…They are not supposed to come in. I am very sure in the next three days, on Monday or Tuesday, all those countries will be put on the red list of Covid-19."

Recently, 6 foreign travelers in Nigeria who had come to Nigeria have been found to have symptoms of Omicron virus, due to these reasons the Nigerian government has suffered this announcement.


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