125 people have been found infected in an international chartered flight from Italy at Amritsar International Airport in Punjab. It is being told that 170 people were aboard in it. All the people have been quarantined in Amritsar.

Earlier it was being said that this flight belongs to Air India. However, Air India denied this saying that at present no Air India flights from Rome come to India.

Corona virus is increasing rapidly in the country. 90,928 new cases of corona have been found here in the last 24 hours. Apart from this, 325 people have also lost their lives due to corona. On Thursday, 56.5 percent more cases of corona were found than on Wednesday.

Most Cases Were Found In These 5 States

Most of the cases of corona are being seen in these five states. This includes Maharashtra (26,538 new corona cases), West Bengal (14,022 cases), Delhi (10,665 cases), Tamil Nadu (4,862 cases) and Kerala (4,801 cases). Out of the new 90,928 cases, 66.97 percent have come from only five states. Only 29.19 percent of the cases are there. In these 5 states, 66% of the total cases of the country have been found.

2,630 Omicron Cases in India

Talking about the Omicron variant, the number of cases in the country has increased to 2,630. Maharashtra and Delhi have the highest number of 797 and 465 cases of Omicron. Out of 2,630 patients of Omicron, 995 patients have recovered.

25 Lakh Cases of Corona Came Worldwide

Worldwide, 25 lakh cases of corona have been found in the last 24 hours. America is the most infected country. So far 58,805,186 cases have been reported here. While India is at number two. So far 35,109,286 cases have been reported in India. In terms of infection, these two countries are followed by Brazil, UK, France, Russia, Turkey and Germany.


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