Pilot refused to take the flight from Riyadh to Islamabad, after which there was a ruckus among the passengers. Due to this the flight got delayed and passengers expressed dissatisfaction.

What's the matter ?

Flight PK 9754 was ready to go from Riyadh to Islamabad. But had to land in Dammam due to bad weather. Till now everything was fine but suddenly the pilot refused to raise the plane further. Passengers expressed their displeasure over the delay and also refused to change the flight.

Why did the pilot refuse to proceed with the flight?

The pilot's duty time was over, after which the pilot took this decision. This was the reason why he refused to proceed with the flight. PIA spokesperson has told that all the passengers reached Islamabad safely at 11 PM.

After this news, the airline association has also become dissatisfied with this behavior of the pilot because being a pilot, it is his entire responsibility to take the passengers to their final destination.


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