Recently, in view of the corona virus infection, the WHO has decided that all countries should lift the travel ban and or should ease for the upliftment of the economic condition of the world.

In the meeting held on Wednesday, the WHO has given guidelines that all countries should lift the travel ban and relax travels so that economic and social stress should be removed, along with it there should be a boom in the travel and tourism department in the coming days.

On some restrictions imposed, the devotee has also said that travel ban is not a proper way to prevent corona virus,

WHO has also given these guidelines in that meeting that RT-PCR testing, masking, isolation/quarantine, and vaccination should be based on risk assessment to avoid unnecessary financial burden on international travellers.

Recently, Thailand is going to open once again for international travelers because there has been a huge decline in the Coronavirus cases and the Covid task force of Thailand has said that the situation is going to be normal now and international tourists will be able to come to Thailand from February 1.


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