Go First, which is sought for the very best facilities in India, has recently won a achievement, in which it has achieved the lowest cancellation rate and this is its third time in a row.

Recently, the airline, which changed its name from Go Air to Go First, has won the title of lowest cancellation rate, this report has been given by DGCA.

Go First is always in the news for showing its policies, sometimes for free Rescheduling and sometimes it for free meals. Recently, it has recently offered free meals and free Seats on all Go First flights so that Passengers were very happy and the sale of the airline increased.

Let us tell you that in the pendamic of Coronavirus, when all Airlines operation are ban, that time also Go First helped Indian Govt a lot in bringing Oxygen Cylinder and many Medical Equipment from abroad.

Go First Airlines is always in the news, sometimes because of its fares and sometimes because of its facilities, recently in Go First, there was an offer of travel anywhere in ₹ 999, in which many people have booked and booked their trips. Convenient and attentive completed.


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