In view of the current coronavirus situation, Hong Kong airport has announced cancellation of flights from 153 countries (which is the highest in the world). Hong Kong's government made this announcement on Friday to curb the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Hong Kong has been known to adhere to some strict measures during the pandemic, including weeks of quarantine, strict lockdowns and mass testing.

Now the Special Administrative Region of China currently recognizes 153 countries and divides them into Group A (from which arrivals must spend 21 days in quarantine).

Hong Kong's airport also said that people who have been to any of these 153 countries in the past three weeks will be banned from traveling from Sunday (January 16). Eight countries (Group A), including India, Pakistan, Canada, France, the Philippines, Australia, the UK and the United States, have already been banned from entering Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been badly hitted by an Omicron outbreak that began with returning Cathay Pacific flight crews who happened to violate home quarantine rules. 

Since then, all COVID restrictions, including social distancing, closing gymnasiums and stopping restaurant operations after 6 pm, have been reimposed.


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