Thailand will soon be fully open to its vaccinated travelers because the speed of recovery of corona virus patients is slightly very high.

Thailand is going to open once again for international travelers because there has been a huge decline in the Coronavirus cases and the Covid task force of Thailand has said that the situation is going to be normal now and international tourists will be able to come to Thailand from February 1.

Thailand has been continuously bringing new programs for the last 2 years, in which efforts are being made to improve tourism and increase GDP, but there the corona virus had created such an orgy that all efforts were in vain.

Due to Corona virus, Thailand had canceled the quarantine free program, due to which all incoming passengers had to be quarantined for 7 days, but now that the cases of corona virus have decreased, Thailand has ended the quarantine.

Finance Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said "We can no longer close our borders as the economic costs will be too high, Reopening and managing the outbreak need to go hand in hand."

The Test and Go programme, which previously allowed vaccinated travelers from nearly 60 countries to leave quarantine, helped attract nearly 350,000 visitors in just two months before it was suspended. Narrow visa schemes include so-called sandbox systems, under which people can arrive and stay in specific destinations, such as Phuket and Koh Samui, with limited restrictions.


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