Cases of Novel Coronavirus and its new variant Omicron have gained momentum in the country. Seeing the situation, it is known that in states like New Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal, now lockdown is the only option left. 

In the midst of the third wave, with the increase in the number of Covid cases in these places, gradually the phase of strict restrictions has started.

Some restrictions have been increased in the national capital New Delhi. Weekend curfew has now been imposed in the state, that is, there will be curfew on Saturday and Sunday and during this time there will be a ban on leaving the house unnecessarily. At the same time, except essential services, all other government offices will remain closed. During this, the officer employees will work from home. 

On the other hand, in view of the huge increase in Omicron cases in Mumbai, new guidelines are being issued continuously, that is, the city started moving towards lockdown. At the same time, night curfew has been imposed in other states including West Bengal, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh

There has been such a big jump in the number of infected patients in UP. Now in view of the increasing cases, the Yogi government has swung into action. From the government to the closure of the school, many important decisions have been taken. Some of the decisions are as follows:
  1. Nightly Corona Curfew is going to be in force from 10 pm to 6 am. This arrangement will be implemented from January 6.
  2. Holiday should be declared in all government and private schools up to class 10th till Makar Sankranti. Their vaccination will continue during this period. Also, in the districts where the minimum number of active cases exceeds 1000, public places like gym, spa, cinema hall, banquet hall, restaurant etc. should be operated with 50 percent capacity.


According to the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) prepared for Covid Management of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), if the positivity rate is more than 5 percent for two consecutive days, then a red alert i.e. total curfew will be imposed. Let us inform that DDMA had announced 'Yellow Alert' on 28 December.

Now the positivity rate has come out in Delhi at 4.59% on Sunday and 6.46% on Monday, so there are not many days left for the total lockdown to be imposed here. Let us inform that in the last 24 hours, more than 5000 thousand cases of Kovid have come out here.

In view of this, the government has imposed weekend curfew in the state. Meaning, on Saturday and Sunday, there is a ban on leaving the house without any reason. Along with this, work from home of government employees has been done. Be aware that all cinemas and gyms in Delhi have already been closed under the Yellow Alert.


In the case of corona infection, Maharashtra was badly hit during the first wave to the second wave, now this time also the third wave of Omicron is facing the crisis. In the last 24 hours in Mumbai, more than 10 thousand new cases of corona have stirred up.

Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar said on Tuesday that if the daily COVID-19 cases here cross the 20,000 mark, a lockdown will be imposed in the city as per the norms of the central government.

Pednekar suggested wearing a triple-layer mask while traveling in public transport buses and local trains. He also appealed to the people to get vaccinated at the earliest and follow all the COVID-19-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The Mayor said that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray can address the citizens of Maharashtra in a day or two.


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