Tourists coming to Madhya Pradesh will soon be able to enjoy skydiving. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department has decided to start skydiving facility. This has been done to promote tourism and adventure. The source of this information is a senior official.

Shiv Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture and MD of MP Tourism Board, said that to experience the thrill of flying like birds in the sky, now there will be a golden opportunity for sky diving in Bhopal and Ujjain.

Mr Shukla further said that he will organize sky diving camp in Bhopal on 1st and 2nd March, while from 3rd to 6th March for the first time in the state in collaboration with Pioneer Flying Academy, Aligarh it will be organized at Ujjain.

The spot will be set up near the Raja Bhoj airport in Bhopal and the airstrip in Ujjain, from where interested tourists will get an opportunity to dive from a height of 10000 feet.

Adventure enthusiasts had to travel out of the country to experience skydiving. While in India this facility is available only in Haryana's Narnaul, the tourism board in Madhya Pradesh will now provide skydiving facilities to tourists at a low fee with the highest standards of safety measures.

The aircrafts will be used for skydiving which is registered with the Directorate of Civil Aviation under the guidance of special trained experts.


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