If you are traveling by train without ticket then be careful. Railways has collected a fine of 19 crores in the last three months from passengers without ticket by running a campaign. The one month fine in January was Rs 5.07 crore.

According to the information, Northern Railway has adopted a strict attitude against those traveling without tickets. In this episode, special ticket checking campaigns are being run. Railways has told that staff is being sent to different stations and trains for ticket checking. Ticket checking staff are taking action against passengers without ticket.

Increase in revenue from Ticket Checking Campaign - Railways

Railways has said that revenue has increased after strictness. Railways claims that the action can make the journey of authorized passengers more smooth and safe. Legitimate passengers have to face problems from passengers traveling without tickets. Corona protocol is being followed in the train.

In this episode, in the month of January, 308 people were caught traveling without masks. A fine of Rs 67,300 was collected from the passengers for violating the protocol. It has been informed that in the month of January, an amount of Rs 43,200 was recovered from 211 passengers for spreading dirt in railway stations and trains.

Northern Railway Recovered 19 crore fine in 3 Months

It was told by the Northern Railway that along with traveling without a ticket, the fine was collected separately for not following the corona protocol and spreading dirt. In the last 3 months, Northern Railway earned a revenue of Rs 19 crore under the special campaign. According to the Railways, this type of checking drive will make the journey of authorized passengers safe and smooth, while unauthorized and irregular travel will be curbed.

Along with this, the entry of unauthorized passengers on the train and platform will also be prevented. Railways said that for this, a squad of about 70 checking staff has participated in the campaign.


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