Switzerland has decided to lift almost all coronavirus restrictions for travelers, mainly those from the European Union, as infection rates in the country have fallen drastically. From now, people are allowed in restaurants, bars or theatres without any restrictions.

Switzerland have announced some special announcement to be kept in minds while planning to visit the country, it is as follow;

1. Entry from Schengen / EU / EFTA will be possible without restrictions.

2. Entry from third countries (not SEM risk lists) will be possible without restrictions.

3. Entry from third countries (SEM risk list) will be possible for vaccinated persons against evidence of vaccination.

President Ignazio Cassis stated in a press conference, "Switzerland is taking a decisive and important step towards normality. The virus is there. We are learning how to live with the virus."

About 8.5 million people, health officials have reported nearly 21,000 new daily infection cases and 10 new deaths. The rate has gone down steadily since the 7-day average of over 36000 cases per day.

 The Swiss government said in a statement that the epidemiological situation is developing positively, given the high level of immunity in the population. It further said that it is unlikely that the health system will be overloaded now.

Govt further added, "This means that the conditions are in place for a rapid normalisation of social and economic life."


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