Russia begins its attacks on Ukraine, airspace in the region is almost closed. An Air India flight bound for Kiev had to return halfway in the early hours of 24 February, after closing its airspace amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Air India had entered Iranian airspace when it had to return to India, thus unable to complete the journey. The Air India repatriation flight had 182 Indians on board, and landed safely at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport

Meanwhile, Indian Embassy in Ukraine has also suggested Indian citizens, especially students, to leave the country temporarily. Detailed travel advisory from the concerned authorities is awaited.

Ukraine has evacuated passengers and staff from Kiev airport. The city of Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. The European Union has also issued a warning against flying over areas bordering Russian and Belarus.

Ukraine had closed its airspace after Russia had earlier issued notices to airmen against civilian traffic in northeastern Ukraine.

At a time when intense explosions can be heard in various Ukrainian cities, the Indian embassy in Kiev has issued a warning, asking people headed to the capital city to return to their cities, especially to be safe. Towards the western border countries. Ukraine has already imposed martial law in the country. This means that the country has banned meetings, movements and political parties.


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